We didn't see this one coming. Ford and 7-Eleven and Mustang collaborated on a special one-off Mustang emblazoned with the convenience store's livery (they have a livery?). It's the official 7-Eleven Ford Mustang, and 7-Eleven will actually give it away to one hungry winner. The brand also employed  aftermarket company Galpin Auto Sports to make it truly special. 

711 mustang hood
It has all the right colors to make a truly unique pony car.

The V8 GT trimmed car features a custom wrap in the classic 7-Elevn colors: green, orange, and red. There are stripes down the hood, roof, and tail, as well as thicker versions on all four quarter panels.  Even the 7-Eleven Mustang's special wheels are clad in an eye-searing green paint color that actually looks pretty cool. The car also gets flashy cherry red neon undercarriage lights that mimic that iconic 7-Eleven signage glow. Our favorite part might just be the replacement of the Mustang logo with an owl that signifies the late-night convenience store. 

711 truck
Not exactly a contest on which 7-Eleven vehicle looks better.

The cabin is just as special with custom leather seats clad in the iconic colors, and even the shift knob gets a kitschy Slurpee-shaped shifter. The center console gets something true 7-Eleven devotees would kill for... a pizza slice holder that will hopefully keep your pie in check as you nail that apex. We're not sure if it's heated or not or whether the dome light delivers heat to it like a 7-Eleven hot box.

711 mustang seats

It's not specified which trim of the 'Stang is the donor car for this colorful project, but it looks like it's the 5.0-liter V8 GT model, and the transmission is clearly an automatic based on the photograph of the shifting gate beneath that silver Slurpee knob. We think the brand could've gone further with the car by littering the interior with cheese Combos, half-eat Twizzlers, and used scratch-off lottery tickets. 

711 mustang shifter

Although therer's no way in hell either brand would put this sucker into production, it's not going to be a museum piece. As we mentioned before, 7-Eleven will give the car away. If you want this Mustang as much as you crave the brand's all-hours snacking menu, then you can buy specially designated 7-Eleven store items or by participating on the brand's social media outlets. You can find out more on the 7-Eleven website in order to qualify to win this singular sled.   

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