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2018 Vehicles with the Best Front Seats

These are the ones you can park your butt in for hours

Amos Kwon, Editor-In-Chief

After you've evaluated a car's styling, technology, safety, and driving pleasure factor, don't forget that you actually have to sit in the thing almost daily, and you might just use it for long trips, too. There's nothing more frustrating about a car than crappy front seats, too. We've selected six great vehicles that just so happen to have some of the best seats we've ever tried.

2018 Volvo XC60

  • WHAT'S GREAT ABOUT THEM: Even the base Momentum model with the fabric seats provides excellent levels of comfort, but the leather perforated Contour seats are the ones you want thanks to heating and cooling, massage features, and thigh extensions. Not only do they provide excellent levels of support and comfort for your whole body, they look spectacular, especially in Nappa brown leather.
  • TRIMS WITH THE BEST SEATS: Once you get to the top trim T6 Inscription level, the perforated Nappa leather Contour seats are standard equipment, but you can outfit every trim level and engine selection with the premium Contour seats if you so choose.

Volvo has been known for excellent seats for as long as we can remember, dating all the way back to the classic 240. The new XC60 in top trim T6 Inscription gets some of the best seats in the auto industry and just one more reason to buy one of the best luxury crossovers made today. Oh, it also looks and drives incredibly well.

2018 Lexus LS 500

  • WHAT'S GREAT ABOUT THEM: Really, what's not to love about these seats? 28-way power adjustability with display screen fine tuning, variable cushion length, hip and pelvis support, easy ingress/egress thanks to the lowering outside thigh bolster, and customizable massage functions mean there isn't a person on earth who won't love these.
  • TRIMS WITH THE BEST SEATS: Both the LS 500 and LS 500h get the top trim seats.

The new Lexus flagship sedan provides one of the most beautiful interiors in the business, and the seats take center stage thanks to near-infinite adjustability and beautiful leather. The sheer level of seating options are actually dizzying, and the level of convenience provided are virtually unparalleled.

2018 Chrysler Pacifica

  • WHAT'S GREAT ABOUT THEM: Sit in the Premium Nappa perforated leather seats, and you'll wonder why other minivans don't have this level of comfort. The leather is opulent, and the seats aren't overly thick like the Toyota Sienna's. The thin but excellent armrests are just the right size, too. Heating and ventilation fire up quickly and work incredibly well.
  • TRIMS WITH THE BEST SEATS: If you get the Limited or Limited Hybrid trim levels, the top seats come as standard equipment.

Think a minivan has to be made with just the rudimentary goods? Think again. Chrysler has put some of the best seats in the business into its new minivan, and they not only look good, they feel fantastic. Clad in perforated leather and with a thin profile, they're good for miles and miles, as well as a lot of backseat noise from the kiddos.

2018 Nissan Murano

  • WHAT'S GREAT ABOUT THEM: The Zero Gravity seats are quite literally the best thing about the Murano, and they provide excellent support and beautiful and soft leather. Nissan took the time to research these, and it paid off.
  • TRIMS WITH THE BEST SEATS: If you get the Platinum trim level, you get it all including perforated leather with 8-way adjustability, as well as heating and ventilation. Other trim levels provide leather and/or heating.

Though we're not exactly wowed by the Murano itself, the seats are absolutely sublime. Park your tush into the Zero Gravity seats, and you can drive for hours without discomfort. The stunning leather, especially in cream, is almost artful, and the heating/cooling mean you're coddled in cold and hot weather.

2018 Lincoln Navigator

  • WHAT'S GREAT ABOUT THEM: Not only do the new seats on the big SUV look like they're out of a sci-fi movie, the top spec Perfect Position seats have 30-way adjustability, which includes unique individual thigh supports, a brilliant feature for drivers.
  • TRIMS WITH THE BEST SEATS: None of the Navigators have the 30-way seats as standard equipment, but you can upgrade the Select, Reserve, and Black Label trims with the top-spec seats for anywhere from $1,250 to $1,500, depending on the model you choose. But don't fret, the 24-way seats are still standard on higher trim levels, while 10-way power adjustability on lower trims.

It looks like Lincoln doesn't need to capitalize on their top-level Perfect Position seats because the new Navigator isn't being made fast enough to meet customer demand, apparently. Perfect Position seats are designed for near-limitless adjustability that include all sections of the seat, including headrest, upper back, lower back, cushion, and thigh bolster. The same seats from the Continental show up in the new Navigator, and they just might be the best seats in the auto industry right now.

2018 Mazda3 5-Door

  • WHAT'S GREAT ABOUT THEM: It's almost shocking to see such good seats in what's essentially an affordable hatchback. These might not offer the same level of adjustability and features as others in this group, but they're superb for the money. The 6-way adjustable perforated leather seats are perfect for spirited driving without looking like racing buckets. The leather quality is excellent, and the level of cushioning balances out the bolstering incredibly well. Heat distribution is also excellent, and the seats look especially good in white parchment leather.
  • TRIMS WITH THE BEST SEATS: You have to buy the top trim Grand Touring model in order to get the perforated leather seats. The base Sport model gets cloth seats, while the mid-grade Touring model gets synthetic leather.

Mazda knows how to infuse their cars with great features, and the Mazda3 5-Door doesn't get neglected in any way. The top-trim model gets some of the best seats around, easily qualifying as our favorite seats in a hatchback. The leather is soft and stunning, and they'll cradle you in comfort and security, whether you're cruising down the highway or taking on the curves. They don't get ventilation at any trim level, but the heat in the Grand Touring and Touring seats is very good.

What makes for superior front seats?

  • High-grade, soft leather that's durable but supple
  • Excellent levels of adjustability
  • Good bolstering in the seatback and cushion for spirited driving
  • Quick and consistent heating and ventilation
  • Good cushioning that's not too firm and not too soft
  • Adjustable power lumbar support for long trips

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