2018 Ford F-150 4x4 Supercrew Platinum Review

When posh and rugged exist in harmony

Amos Kwon, Editor-In-Chief

Positives: Truly luxurious inside, excellent V8 power always on tap, superior infotainment system, vast amounts of interior space for the entire crew/family.
Negatives: The front end is a bit busy, interior design could use some updating.
Bottom Line: If it's a luxurious and rugged truck you're looking for, the F-150 in Platinum trim should be at the top of your list. It drives better than before thanks to a new transmission and more power in the V8. It's also huge inside and comfortable in both rows, along with providing class-leading tech and amenities.
Though the current F-150 might seem long-in-the-tooth based on the fact that its last redesign took place in 2015, in top trim Platinum form the truck is outfitted to the nines and might as well be a luxury sedan. Ford doesn't scrimp when it comes to standard and optional features available at this price point. We drove a fully outfitted Platinum trim version for a week to see how well the model is holding up against some newer competitors in the full-sized pickup truck game. Read on for our full review.

Driving Experience



The F-150 is one of those pickup trucks that makes you believe you could drive one every day just like a car. Shy of finding larger parking spots, the F-150 is a big rig that makes daily driving a cinch. The V8 also gets more power for 2018 and a new transmission.

Ride Quality: The ride is very comfortable, and bumps and gaps are dispatched easily. The new 10-speed automatic is excellent.

Acceleration: The 5.0-liter V8 gets a new fuel-injection system for 10 more horsepower to 395, along with a new 10-speed automatic (instead of a paltry 6 from the previous year) that capitalizes on the engine's power. The F-150 pulls hard and with authority.

Braking: The brakes are very strong and progressive. Stopping this thing was no problem.

Steering: The steering is on the light side, but it responds well to inputs.

Handling: There's some body roll, but it never feels dramatic.




Who would've thought you'd find a class-leading infotainment system as good as the Sync 3 in a pickup truck? Well, it's the way of the world now, and Ford has to keep up with Ram's Uconnect system.

Infotainment System: Sync 3 might just be one of the most responsive systems in the industry, and it's also very clean and simple to operate. Where others have chosen a dark palette, the Sync 3 in our tester was bright and crisp. 4G LTE Wi-Fi is excellent to have for long hauls and gridlock traffic.

Controls: Large knobs for audio and climate controls are paired with matching panels of control buttons, which are large and easy to actuate.




Our tester came in white, which is one of the best colors for the F-150 Supercrew, especially when paired with the metal brighwork and the gorgeous red seats.

Front: Just like most full-sized pickups these days, the F-150 has presence with its big twin-bar grille and c-shaped headlights. It could use an update an less busy design, but overall it still look handsome.

Rear: You can't do much with pickup tailgates, but in Platinum trim with the large expanse of silver across the back, it looks fresh and bold.

Profile: The Supercrew cabin looks huge compared to the rather abbreviated crew cab bed, but it all comes together nicely. The drop down portion of the driver's side window cutout gives the pickup a bit of drama.

Cabin: Though it's blocker inside than we'd like (the dash and center stack), everything looks clean, and the auburn red interior is both flashy and sophisticated. It's an opulent look for something that hauls cinder blocks.




The interior of the F-150 in Platinum trim has just about everything occupants want, including huge amounts of leg and headroom, real power outlets, adaptive cruise control, and great seats.

Front Seats: Big, wide, and well-cushioned, the front seats provide great long haul comfort, while looking like they belong in BMW.

Rear Seats: There's acres of space in the back, and the flat floor ensures comfort for three adults across. Great heated seats back there, too.

NVH (noise/vibration/harshness): The F-150 really is built with solidity and quality. No shakes or rattles, and good sound deadening at highway speeds.

Visibility: Though the hoodline is tall, it's not too hard to place. The glass is big all around, and the cameras are very helpful when backing up.

Climate: The climate control system in the F-150 is very powerful, and the heated/ventilated seats work very well.




Who said pickup trucks aren't safe? The F-150's crashworthiness scores are excellent. It also get solid safety tech customers are looking for.

IIHS Rating: It gets the Top Safety Pick but misses the + designation because of poor headlights.

NHTSA Rating: It nabs the top 5-star crash safety rating, putting it at the top of the segment.

Standard Tech: Our tester came outfitted with a Blind Spot Info System, Curve Control, a, rearview camera, and a great Reverse Sensing System.

Optional Tech: Ours was packaged with Active Park Assist, a 360-degree camera, Adaptive Cruise Control w/ StopGo and Pre-collision automatic braking.




Pickup trucks should be capacious, and the F-150 is no exception. From the massive cabin storage to the rear load floor, our truck had ample space, even with the shorter truck bed.

Storage Space: The cabin is rife with storage spaces including a huge armrest, a large center stack binnacle, deep door pockets, and even a dash-mounted bin that's deep and wide. It has the most storage room of any full-sized truck competitor today.

Cargo Room: The flat floor of the rear row lets you store a hell of a lot, and the crew cab bed holds 53 cubic feet of stuff, not the biggest in the segment but still good enough for medium-sized jobs.

Fuel Economy



Though the V8 isn't as potent or efficient as the EcoBoost engine, it still does pretty well for something this size. The 10-speed automatic transmission certainly helps, especially at highway speeds.

Observed: 16.3 mpg

Distance Driven: 165 miles

Driving Factors: We drove mostly in the city with about a third of the time spent on freeways. We tend to be heavy on the throttle, so more conservative driving should net better mileage.




Our truck came with the Bang & Olufsen Play premium audio, probably the best one we've seen in any pickup truck and way better than most car offerings. The same brand can be found in top trim Audis, just as a point of reference. The sound is loud, full, and crisp with no distortion. A great system that just so happens to comes standard with the Platinum trim.

Final Thoughts

Ford did a superb job on the F-150, and the fact that it continues to rank at the top of automotive sales is a testament to how well its designed and built. Though it's due for a redesign, it's easily one of the best trucks for sale today, and with top trim accouterments, it's downright luxurious and comfortable. Buyers should take comfort in the fact it has just about everything: power, tech, good driving chops, great space, and excellent safety features and scores.
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