Hyundai keeps making the Elantra better.

2017 Hyundai Elantra Limited Review

More sophisticated and comfortable than the previous generation

By: Wade Thiel

Web2Carz Senior Staff Writer

Published: March 14th, 2016

Hyundai seems to have moved on from its dramatic fluidic design to a more refined Genesis-inspired look. While we liked the previous styling, the new styling works extremely well and lends a more premium feel to the company's offerings, case in point - the 2017 Elantra. It's a little longer, a little wider and a little more grown up than ever before.

If the Elantra doesn't look like a compact car to you, that's because it isn't. The newly updated Elantra has grown in size and is now considered a mid-sized, according to Hyundai's website. That being said it's still smaller than its big brother, the Sonata, and although it's grown in size, so have many of its competitors, such as the Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla. While we love compact cars, we're all for the Elantra being stretched a bit because it looks really good.

  • Exterior: Mature and refined

    The 2017 Elantra's exterior is much less busy than the previous generation car. Hyundai has lost many of the dramatic lines that made the car stand out. While this may seem like a bad thing, we think the new Elantra looks better than before because it has a more mature look.

    • Large, wide grille, aggressive-looking headlights and C shaped LED running lights are the most dramatic part of the vehicle's exterior.
    • A more squared off tail end than the previous generation and large taillights make for a simple but attractive rear.
    • Chrome accents on the door handles and window line add a subtle flare to the Elantra's overall look.

  • Interior: Spacious and smart

    The Elantra's interior feels like it's almost directly out of the Sonata, except for the steering wheel, which isn't as thin or sculpted as the Sonata's. The layout of the dash and controls are very similar, although some of the materials are cheaper. The interior is quite spacious, with plenty of room up front and in the rear.

    • 42.2 inches of leg room up front and 35.7 in the rear provides plenty of room for drivers and passengers.
    • The well-bolstered, heated leather seats are comfortable.
    • The controls for the infotainment system are well laid out and easy to use.

  • Driving Impressions: Boring but smooth

    With the attention to detail Hyundai paid to the Elantra's looks both inside and out, we were excited to get behind the wheel, but once we did, we came away disappointed. The steering is too light and numb and the acceleration, while smooth, was extremely tame. Maybe our expectations were just too high, but we expected a better experience.

    • The suspension soaks up bumps well, but contributes to the car's overall numb feel.
    • Body roll was more than we expected, but not dramatic.
    • Impressive fuel economy at 28 mpg city and 37 mpg highway.

  • Final Impressions: A nice-looking, comfortable car for the price

    If you want a car that looks great and has a comfortable interior, but you don't really care about impressive performance beyond fuel economy, then the Elantra may be the perfect car for you. It won't inspire you to go for a spirited drive on a twisty road, but it will get you wherever you're going in comfort and style.

    We see this as a perfect car for a young professional who wants a car that feels grown up but can't afford some of the more expensive brands. The Elantra has plenty of available luxury features, such as automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, smart cruise control, heated front and rear seats and built in navigation, at a low price point.

  • Price and Specifications:

    Engine: 2.0-liter four-cylinder

    Transmission: Six-speed automatic transmission with drive mode select

    Drivetrain Layout: Front-engine, front-wheel drive

    Power Output: 147 horsepower / 132 lb-ft of torque

    Fuel Economy (mpg): 28 city / 37 highway

    Base Price: $22,350

    As Tested: $27,710 (incl. $835 freight and handling)

    Options on our test vehicle: Tech Package: Navigation System AVN 4.0 w/ 8-inch touchscreen, Android Auto & Apple CarPlay, Infinity Premium audio System w/ 8 speakers inc., Center Channel & Subwoofer, Clari-Fi Music Restoration Technology, 4.2-inch Color TFT Color Instrument Cluster Display, Power Sunroof, Heated Front and Rear Seats, Auto-dimming Rearview Mirror w/ HomeLink & Compass; Ultimate Package: Requires Limited Tech Package, HID Headlights w/ Dynamic Bending Light, Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) w/ Pedestrial Detection, Smart Cruise Control, Lane Keep Assist System, Integrated Memory System for Driver's Seat and Outside Mirrors, Carpeted Floor Mat

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